Art Therapy and Empowerment

Art as a medium of expression of our creativity imitates life. It represents countless ideas of feelings.  Art stimulates the senses and arouses the emotions. Art is a sensual expression of what mind perceives from the world around it and from the world within it.

Some believe that art originates in the mind. Others believe that the artist’s mind is a conduit of something divine. Regardless, artistic expressions and exposure to art help us understand ourselves.

The path to self-understanding expressed in a painting on a canvas or in the form of mental, emotional and physical state is one of healing.

The knowledge of a painter about human anatomy reflects in the accuracy of his art. Knowledge of a musician about how various sounds impact emotions reflect in the connections she makes with her audience.

A whirling dervish does not go in circles as his body appears to be. He enters an esoteric spiral that allows him to spiritually move to higher states of consciousness.

Art in the way it expands consciousness could have healing effects.Stress, anxiety, depress and physical wellness could be influenced by both expressing art and experiencing it. Unlike purely physical actions if you can find any, art promotes self-awareness which is necessary to cope with continuous struggles of daily life in the modern day.

A painter finding a golden ratio or a musician delving in harmonics of A=432 Hz, or Verdi’s ‘A’ may connect to the vibrations of the universe.

A doodle or sketch can be the beginning of understanding feelings, get in touch with those significant forgotten dreams and awoke memories buried deep.

The process of forming clay involves reaching inside, getting hold of incredible energies within us, molding those energies into a specific outcome.

Understanding this process and mastering it could be applied to anything outside the realm of art. Self-healing as part of an overall health practice follows the same process.

And both are done without the use of words. Interpretive arts like dance also rely on powerful wordless expressions that are as effective and sometimes more effective than words.

Some enter the world of healing art as part of grieving. Depression, sexual abuse, trauma, and drugs are other reasons.

Connecting to a self-sufficient spiritual part of our selves helps recover from a broken relationship. Poetry can help explore the healing world of dreams in life and in the dream world.

A sense of renewal and fulfillment and renewal is part of creating art and completing an artistic piece.

The depth of artistic expression matches in its infinity to the depth of human spirit.

Practiced under the guidance of an experienced and caring guide art therapy promotes a sense of safety necessary for healing to take place. Images and sculptures become mediums of deep an safe insight into one’s being.

Practiced in silence, art could effectively allow the mind to focus and relax. It allows us to hear the deeper conversations that go on within us. Reflections become clearer and their meaning more significant once the superficial ripples across the mind quiets down.